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Meet our student ambassadors!

Ambassadors are current students who are advocates for the Agricultural Technology Program. These students embody the university motto, Ut Prosim, that I may serve. They play an important role in our Open House events, and often represent the program on and off campus at recruiting and networking events. These students can help answer questions about classes and campus, and help prospective students and their families feel welcomed. 

Chase Anderson


Graduating Year: 2024
Option: Landscape and Turfgrass Management
Specialty: Landscape Management
Hometown: Louisa, Virginia
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"Helps you run a business and its straight to the point. To help out the new students and answer their questions."

Forest Beegle


Graduating Year: 2024
Option: Landscape and Turfgrass Management
Specialty: Landscape Management
Hometown: Floyd, Virginia
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"Ag Tech got straight to the point of learning what we need to know in the field and/or office setting.... I want to help people from small towns like me appreciate the aspects of furthering their education in a good environment."

Jenna Cain


Graduating Year: 2024
Option: Applied Agricultural Management
Specialty: Crop Production
Hometown: Suffolk, Virginia
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"When looking at colleges during my senior year of high school, I wanted a school that would help me feel prepared for a future career while also taking classes that were fun and very hands-on. With Ag Tech, I can do both!
Being an ambassador means I can share my passion for agriculture with students who may not know about the multitude of job opportunities available in this industry. I love helping other people and by being an Ag Tech ambassador, I can help both students and the environment!"

Megan Mallory


Graduating Year: 2024
Option: Applied Agricultural Management
Specialty: Livestock Production
Hometown: Madison, Virginia
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"I chose the Agricultural Technology program because of the small class sizes that gives me a chance to connect with professors. Not only was I drawn to the smaller size but l enjoy being able to work hands-on during our labs with the livestock at Tech and know that  every thing I learn in this program will be used  directly in my future career!"

Camden Nichols


Graduating Year: 2024
Option: Applied Agricultural Management
Specialty: Crop Production
Hometown: Shenandoah County, Virginia  
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"I enjoy this program because it cuts out all the useless classes and dives into the important things in agriculture. Everything that we learn, we can take in the field with us and apply it. Being in this program has helped me acquire internships and make lasting connections with others.  "

Matt Sawyer

Matt Sawyer

Graduating Year: 2024
Option: Applied Agricultural Management
Specialty: Crop Production and Agribusiness 
Hometown: Kent County, Maryland
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"Taking a Two year Agricultural Technology Program gives me the opportunity to focus on just agriculture and not worrying about any other topics like english and history or foreign language. Taking this program is small and everyone knows each other and you can find someone that has a similar background as you which is nice to get along and make friends. Having a background in agriculture helps with the learning process but don’t need one if you're interested. I didn’t want to go to college but I'm glad I did for the knowledge and experience. But living on a farm helps with the learning process and I can bring back new information that might make the farm more efficient and better.

"I wanted to let people know what there is to offer in the program and you can come from out of state and still learn about what you need to know. Telling people my background and what my experience is here by living far away you make friends and find things to do. I can also expand my connections with others outside of school and the farm."

Charles Welsh


Graduating Year: 2024
Option: Landscape and Turfgrass Management 
Specialty: Turfgrass Management
Hometown: Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Why Charles choose Agricultural Technology: "To pursue what I want to do in the future and learn from people with experience to help me along the way."

What Charles likes about being an ambassador: "I love looking back at the end of the day and knowing I helped someone out with something. It makes me feel responsible and productive."