The Agricultural Technology Program at Virginia Tech was created to meet the needs of the agriculture and green industries. Since its inception, industry partners have been a core part of its success. Alumni and industry partners provide hands-on, real-world learning experiences by hosting field trips, guest teaching in a class or lab, offering internships, providing scholarships, sponsoring events, and donating supplies.  Many also help promote the program to industry groups, potential students, and others.

In recognition of the great contributions and investments in our students and the future of our program, the faculty has awarded an inaugural Friend of the Program Award to two outstanding supporters. Todd Walters and Robert Mills, Jr. received their awards at our end-of-the-year picnic where they were able to share their stories and passion for the program with current students. 

Friend of AT
Todd Walters and Robert Mills, Jr recognized with Friend of the Program Award

Todd Walters, an alumnus of the Agricultural Technology Program, is the founder, owner, and president of Valley Landscaping.  He has committed himself and his company to work as a strong advocate for AT; providing access to materials, time, and expertise to our students on countless occasions over several decades.  Many AT grads have found a home working at Valley Landscaping as well, several of which have been there for many years.  This group includes Todd’s son Brandon, who is one of the first second-generation AT graduates.  AT sends a heartfelt thank you to Valley Landscaping, and especially Todd, for being a tremendous friend of the program!

Since Robert Mills graduated in 1994, he has been an advocate and strong supporter of the Agricultural Technology Program. He has used all his positions in Virginia Farm Bureau including his current role as a representative on the Board of Directors, at Virginia Tech as a Board of Visitors director, and on many industry committees, to help make sure that AT had the visibility it deserves and the support it needs. Additionally, Robert contributes to an AT scholarship each year, further investing in the future of our students. His oldest son, Logan Mills, also earned his degree from the AT program, adding to the list of second-generation AT graduates. Thank you, Robert, for your unwavering support and for always being a friend of the program!